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Has lived in Spain since 2018, is from Stockholm and has extensive experience in healthcare and as operations manager for various home care groups. Irene holds a Spanish nursing license, and has worked in Spain as a nurse and personal assistant.

“I have worked as a district nurse for over 30 years, mostly in primary care and home health care with close collaboration with home care. Seeing the whole person who is in need of assistance as the protagonist in their own and social context, it gives the right view, security and creates the right conditions.”



Is a handy guy with experience in building everything from patios to fixing smart solutions in the home. 

Johans great passion is to create everything in the kitchen from good everyday dishes to large festive meals with the same enthusiasm. The other passion is animals, especially dogs and can help when needed.
Johan holds a forklift driver´s license and is an experienced driver of vehicles.

Please feel free to contact us for more information

We offer a free consultation upon first contact. We charge per hour, while transport is per route. We can invoice you or charge via card or Paypal.

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